“Satanic” Monument Planned For Oklahoma, Hilarity Ensues

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From the pages of, “…and you thought it couldn’t get worse”, comes this entry from self-claimed “satanists” at the aptly-named “Satanic Temple” who thought it would be fitting to counter Oklahoma’s planned erection of a Ten Commandments display with an opposing view. As your local Devil’s Advocate, so to speak, you knew I was going to have something to say about this.

A photo of the proposed monument to Satan

A photo of the proposed monument to Satan

First, I find it insanely hard to believe that this group is anything more than a group of Progressives who are poking their finger in the eyes of the State of Oklahoma, who wants to put an accepted example of First Laws on display in front of their statehouse. I can remember the Ten Commandments being displayed in every courthouse in Indiana. I never took offense, but that’s probably because I understood them as being appropriate since the laws of our nation, and most nations, are founded on what is considered one of the first basic set of laws for humanity. Nevermind the arguments of who wrote them or so on. I could go on ad nauseam about the subject, but I digress.

Progressives, or whatever they’re calling themselves today, are the trolls of the world…and we’re constantly feeding them. It’s been a hilarious view from the outside. It was funny up until Obama actually got elected after most of us practically dared America to because we saw what he was from the beginning and part of us really wanted him to win so Americans could finally see what hell was like.


DO IT!!!

Then we learned how stupid people in large groups really are, because even though they suffered during his first four years, they still re-elected him so they could suffer some more. Now It’s not so funny because we learned that people in large groups are not only completely brainless, but they are actually dangerous when guided en masse by a malevolent character.

So, while part of me is laughing at all the reactions to the monument, there is another part of me that is a little scared of the plan behind this little stunt. The eradication of our memories, the eradication of our history to replace it with a false one…one where we forgot the phrase, “Some are more equal than others”. By threatening to put up something that is offensive to the Christian majority, they’re hoping that the state will capitulate and not allow anything of remotely religious reference, even if it represents the basis of law, to be posted in a public place. If you start erasing parts of history, you begin to lose the context of everything that is going on today. In essence, you change history because humans need to have the holes filled in. Barring the reminders of history, those empty spaces could be filled by anything. The right person could control everyone and everything in that way.


Second, assuming they are on the level, what self-respecting Satanist really gives a shit about what everyone else does? Are we at the point where we feel so left out and marginalized that we have to make spectacles of our faith, lack thereof or aversion to mainstream religion? Isn’t the slamming of one’s faith into everyone’s faces 24/7 the reason most of us sought out an alternative in the first place?

Let’s be real. For all of it’s downfalls, inaccuracies and misuses throughout history, Christianity still at least had the right idea. Humans need a “god” to answer to in the end or else there is anarchy…and that’s nowhere near as fun as it sounds. We’re not 13 anymore with childish idealism. This is the real world where people need rules. Even Anton LaVey knew that, hence the Eleven Satanic Rules. You don’t kill without good reason, steal or have sex with someone else’s mate. You don’t harm children or animals. These are the basics for human life and they have followed most of human history in myriad variations through time. So why the sudden need to be validated by a society that can never understand the freedom that true Satanism/Luciferianism presents?

Real desire for representation or just threatening for a laugh? Time will tell. I’ll keep on this story until we know. Here’s the link to the original story: http://www.vice.com/read/heres-the-first-look-at-the-new-satanic-monument-being-built-for-oklahomas-statehouse

The Healthcare Plan Politicians Will Hate

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I had this idea awhile back that would completely revolutionize healthcare as we know it. The problem is that it would be universally hated and derided by politicians of every stripe. Why? Well, to start with, it wouldn’t benefit them in any way and would possibly hurt them with their respective lobbies and political interest groups. It would probably gain them some respect from their constituents, but let’s be honest: Politicians don’t really give a damn about what you think and your approval is only necessary in election years.

So why even mention it? I guess because beneath my natural pessimism and skepticism is an idealistic streak. Maybe if enough people talk about this idea, a government could finally be changed into what it was supposed to be in the beginning.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about how Obamacare has been a huge mess. How could it be anything else? It’s a massive undertaking by a nanny state dictator who is too busy golfing and taking selfies with Danes to worry about the details. I heard how much the company building the website was being paid: $380 MILLION dollars. Yeah. That’s probably a low figure by now and will only get bigger when they screw up the back-end portion of the software due out in the middle of January 2014, which actually means it’ll be minimally functional sometime around June or July and physicians will get paid at some point at the start of the next century.


Wouldn’t it make more sense to save a lot of money and heartache by going directly to the people you are proposing to help by redesigning healthcare? I would propose that we start by firing the web designers. Refuse to pay them a single penny for their botched efforts and teach them a valuable lesson that when you’re being paid an exorbitant amount of money, you should try to provide the service you’re being paid for. Then, we put the money we would have paid them into an interest-bearing account and add a little bit to it to make it a nice round number. I’m thinking $4 Trillion sounds nice. Keep in mind that this is all going to be a LOT less than Obamacare is going to cost in both short and long terms.

So, we have $4T in an account. We have roughly 50 Million American citizens who are considered “poor”. We give each one of those American citizens $80,000 dollars in a bank account under their Social Security number that can ONLY be used for healthcare purposes. That would be the only restriction, that it could only be used to pay for doctor visits and hospital bills, etc.

This would be a lifetime maximum for most people. Since most people won’t spend that much, there would be some left over for extreme cases where children need expensive surgeries or transplants.

To truly work, and also reasons it would be hated by the power-mongers, it would need to stand alone without further regulation and control. It would simply be a credit card that could only be used for healthcare. There would be no further need for the Health Insurance industry to profit off the fear of illness. Expensive regulations could be removed from the necks of doctors, making their relationship with their patients more personal and the care would naturally improve as the government heel is eased from the market. Doctors would be less likely to retire early and hospitals would enjoy an influx of bills that were paid on time and at a price the market can bear. It would be a golden age of healthcare for everyone, and we could do it without raising taxes because it would already cost less than what this botched and horrible law is already costing us.

I would go a step further. With the death of the burden that the insurance industry has created, there will be more money available for more good things that will make the people even more free. If you completely eliminated the IRS and went to a single-page form with a flat tax based on your gross income above a certain number you’d save TRILLIONS. Send it back to the people with lower taxes. If we committed to drilling our own vast oil supplies in the Bakken Fields, we could be energy independent and remove ourselves from the Middle East’s Never-Ending-Drama. I have a thousand common-sense ideas that would piss of the power structure.
These are the kind of words that can get someone assassinated. I’m proposing ideas that would create powerful enemies. The Insurance Industry. The IRS. Any politician being paid for by these groups that wish to control our every move. They will never stand behind an idea like this because it doesn’t benefit the power structure. It doesn’t keep their wallet full. It’s our job to remind them who they work for.

They can’t kill all of us though. They can try, but we are many. Spread the word: FREEDOM. Speak the word: REVOLUTION.


In regards to DISH Network & LIN Media

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In case some aren’t aware, there is a contract fight ongoing between LIN Media and DISH Network for local channels in certain markets. It’s stupid and I am growing tired of the babies and whiners always throwing tantrums. It’s become a bit too vogue these days for people to take their toys and run home to hide instead of facing problems head on. Here’s the email I sent to LIN Media:

I am very irritated with media companies such as yours constantly battling with Satellite providers like DISH Network. It’s no better than the idiotic union thuggery that is occurring in Wisconsin and other places across the country. You should be happy that you are able to extort any money from companies such as DISH and DirectTV, much less always wanting more at contract time.

Frankly, in this day and age, we are able to get much of our programming free on the Internet through sources both legal and quasi-legal. I suspect that more people will begin to seek out these alternatives to constantly rising Satellite and Cable bills that are caused by companies like yours always wanting more in the name of “fair market value”, which is just a euphemism for ever-increasing greed.

Much of the programming on network stations isn’t worth watching with the exception of scripted crime and legal dramas. Even those are beginning to become a bit much with the constant spin-offs. Reality television is dead, overdone and boring…but it dominates your network airwaves because it’s cheap to produce and easy to feed to the fools who don’t know any better.

Start creating more original programming and maybe we, the consumers, will start seeing the need to supply you with more “fair market value”.

and here is the comment I posted on DISH Network’s Facebook Fan Page:

Continue taking your stand, DISH. LIN shouldn’t charge for what they air for free everywhere else. You might remind them that if we all decided to unsubscribe and switch to watching and downloading our shows for free (which I am seriously considering) they would get NOTHING. Every show is available for free on the Internet and there will never be anything they can do to stop it. Also, stop paying for crap like OWN and passing the additional fees onto your customers. Channels like that should be optional-subscriber-based like HBO & Starz. If people want it, let them pay for it…not those of us who don’t want it.

I seriously hope for a day that everyone stops paying their cable and satellite bills and starts watching television online. Screw the assmops who keep playing with our money! If you want to read the propaganda from both sides, see the links below:


No Dissent Allowed: Nothing To See Here, Move Along

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While I don’t agree with LaRouche on many things, I agree with the idea of impeaching Obama…though that would leave us with an even bigger idiot as POTUS. I also agree that everyone in this country enjoys freedom of speech, even when I disagree. ESPECIALLY when I disagree. Our country is currently being run by booted thugs who will not hesitate to smack you down when you dare to oppose Dear Leader in their presence. The time for words is OVER. It’s time to do something about this. Conservatives didn’t assault and arrest the kooks who were openly calling for the assassination of George W. Bush, even though it is technically a federal crime to do so…but when you insult and dare to ask for the legal removal of the most left-wing President since FDR, you WILL shut your mouth, slave. Get back! Avert your eyes and do what Dear Leader tells you to or you will feel the sting of his lash before being thrown into a dark oubliette.

Vigilance Required

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As I spend my days working on the road and mingling with “the salt of the earth”, it still never ceases to amaze me how easily people are herded to the slaughter. Take the recent Republican “Pledge To America”, for instance. Filled with flowery language and seemingly conservative platitudes, you can still find the cancer that has brought our great country to it’s lowest point in a century.

You cannot “reform” Fannie & Freddie. These must be dismantled and the properties immediately sold to private investors who admittedly will have to live with the terms of the original contracts signed by the buyers.

There can’t be a “repeal & replace” solution to Obamacare. It needs to be repealed, plain and simple. There are some great ideas, like striking down the laws that don’t allow competition between insurance companies across state lines but don’t be fooled into thinking that one master’s whip is going to feel better than another’s. I read a quote the other day that said that at this point it doesn’t matter who is in power, Democrats or Republicans. Both want to drive us into the abyss, it just depends on how quickly you want to get there. We need to break out of this paradigm of Red vs. Blue in order to create true change. Everyone needs to stop voting for people who want to control you.

Another point that I have been beating my head against the wall about is the affirmation that somehow the federal government has any business declaring what a marriage is. Isn’t marriage a religious construct? If you even allow that it’s a social contract, why does the federal government need to regulate it? Isn’t that an issue that could be better handled by the states?

Social Security & Medicare should not be held up as sacred cows. There needs to be a plan to phase these programs out while honoring the agreement made between our country and those who have paid into the system. We can help the poor, but why is it the duty of the federal government to manage someone’s retirement plan? It’s the greatest pyramid scheme in history, and by government fiat a wrong is called right. Another important question to ask: why is a federal government more able to help the poor than a local government or charity?

This is really the litmus test that should be applied to ALL proposed bills, is it the job of a federal government or can it be handled better locally? Ahh, but the career politicians can’t have that! They have bills to pay. It’s expensive to live like royalty and jaunt to another country on a whim, for the “greater good” and all that stuff. Who would bribe them to vote one way or another if they were only voting on important things?

The real solution is much more frightening to the American people. This country has been infected by a powerful virus. It’s time to reformat and find a new operating system. This will require REAL changes that will anger the establishment politicians, the “ruling class”, who will stop at nothing to convince you that they are only doing what is best for you. Can you swallow the bitter pill and begin to walk the path to freedom? Or will you just get back on your knees and look up at your Overlords with your doe eyes, hoping they won’t hurt you again?

In Regards To Socialism

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Sorry, I just feel compelled to post this small little aside…does anyone else find it hilarious when you’re arguing with someone and they bring up that “We already have Socialism in our society. If we didn’t, we would have great things like public schools and colleges, Social Security and the POSTAL SERVICE!” It’s old copypasta from DailyKos, but it still seems to worm it’s way into conversations lately, especially when the “S” word is brought up…and sometimes even when it’s NOT brought up. These poor lackeys assume that all conservatives are ready to throw that word out at a moment’s notice, so they wanna preemptively assure that you don’t, in the hopes that you’ll look like a fool if you do. Good tactic, I wish I would have thought of that.

I posted this as a comment on another blog…it’s in moderation and I’m reasonably sure it’ll get approved since I wasn’t a total asshole, but here’s the basics so that you silly libs will automatically know what my stock response will be when you bring up old copypasta about public schools and public transportation.

Public Schools? Yeah, those are working great! We have the smartest kids in the world being generated from the halls of our public schools. Okay, so not really…but the answer is always to throw more money at it. Too bad it’s being stolen by the administrators. Hmmm. Socialism is great!

Public Transportation? Now there’s the greatest thing socialism ever brought us…too bad they’re always a breath away from bankruptcy. Can you say, Amtrak?

Social Security & Medicare. Are you serious? Here’s a system that has stolen a percentage of every working man’s paycheck for all of his career…only to be given a pittance at retirement. It’s structured so that you will NEVER live long enough to get all of that money back. Wanna know why? Oh, so sorry. Mr. Kennedy needed a jewel-encrusted coffin…bought and paid for by you and me. Thanks, Socialism! We love you!

I hope that didn’t come across as too mean.Well…maybe just a little.

The Whores of Washington

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You know you’re getting old when you get upset at the news every time it’s on, but it’s inescapable these days with news at your fingertips and in side-bars while checking your email. It has been awhile since I’ve posted, so I figured that the Healthcare debate was a good enough reason.

I wonder if the fools in Washington realize how transparent they are, though? Democrat Ben Nelson spent a week grandstanding to his conservative constituents that he’s not going to vote for a healthcare proposal that includes abortion. All it took was a wheelbarrow full of money to grease those evil paws and a little re-arranging of the legal-speak to change his mind. The same could be said about Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu who was hedging her bets until she could get her piece of the bribery pie.

All to appease Obama in his political desire to have a healthcare bill…ANY healthcare bill on his desk before Christmas so he can say, “I did it”. It doesn’t matter if it’s as worthless as the paper it’s written on, he just needs to be able to say he did something. It’s a lot like the Copenhagen Debacle. Words…just meaningless words that aren’t legally binding because he has no power to sign treaties without Congress’ approval…which isn’t that hard these days with the idiots we have in power.

It doesn’t really matter though. It doesn’t matter if this idiotic “healthcare” bill passes because Democrats are truly damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Obama has seriously undermined his efforts at re-election in 2012 because members of his own arm-twisters, Organizing For America, are defecting in droves in revolt over how whimsical the current healthcare plan is, feeling “duped” and describing their messiah as “weak” and “duplicitous”. I couldn’t have said it better and there is even palpable fear of the same type of backlash that happened in 1994 and are already picking their whipping boy in Rahm Emmanuel. I can’t describe my glee as I watch the infighting.

The Democratic Congress & Senate are also in serious danger during the mid-term election cycle. If this bill passes, and it’s very likely, conservatives will have been given the best campaign tool ever because the bill in it’s current form does very little but raise taxes and forces every single American to buy insurance. So, next year you can expect a whole boatload of extremely angry Americans to be at the polls, voting these turkeys out. If the bill somehow manages NOT to pass…then it’s still a great campaign tool because it will reinforce how feckless Obama and his Congress & Senate truly is.

It’s sad that it has come to this, though. I stated in a blog last year that if Obama won, it would serve a single purpose: to ensure the demise of Democrats because the younger generation would finally know the suffering and learn the lessons that some of us older ones remember from the days of Jimmy Carter. We didn’t need to learn, we already knew our history. If only this were taught in History Class at the local public school, we might have avoided these horrible times.

Another sticking point for me is these AP news stories that always say, “the measure is designed to spread coverage to tens of millions who lack it” After reading several of these over the last month or so, I always wonder how much of the story is copypasta from Obama’s Press Orifice. In debates with friends (and a few enemies) I always hear the mantra, “People need insurance so they can go to the doctor and get well”, and thus springs the immediate facepalm.

Insurance” is not supposed to be a colloquial term for “Discount Card“, but it has creeped into the lexicon and politicians and fools have all spread the lie that if you have “insurance”, you’re entitled to pay less to your doctor. Okay, it’s a half-lie because as the end user, you only have to make your co-payment…but there is the rub: co-payment. By it’s very definition, it implies that somebody else is covering the rest of the fees. Could it be Santa? Nope. Is Obama or House & Senate Democrats opening up their personal checkbooks to help pay the rest? Not a chance.

So let’s get back to definitions. “Insurance” by it’s very definition is supposed to be like playing a game of chance. The insurance companies are betting that you won’t get sick and need them to pay part of your healthcare. You are betting that someday you might get sick and need them. That’s what “insurance” really is. Hedging your bets just in case, just like in blackjack.

So why does everyone think that by virtue of giving someone “insurance” that they are more likely to survive? It’s yet another lie perpetuated by the slick talkers in Washington. If you have insurance but lack the money to make the copayments, you’re going to be just as sick. At least today hospitals have to treat you. If you go to the right hospital, and can prove you cannot afford the bill, you can even get all of your healthcare for free (well, free to you but paid by the generosity of others) or at least at a very nice discount that would rival “insurance”. That’s the real “insurance” for the poor and needy. If you are really sick all you need to do is get to a hospital because they have to treat you.

I know, I know…but you live in a place like New York City or Seattle or San Francisco. If you aren’t thriving there, why stay? Is it so important to tell all your friends that you’re so cool because you live in a cardboard box in Manhattan and pay $600 a month to live in it? These days, there is no reason to feel compelled to live in squalor in a big city.

But by now I’m talking to myself….