On Independence & The Pursuit of Wealth

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I wrote this piece six years ago, and it seems even more relevant today. Happy Independence Day!

I was reading some great opinion pieces on the news this morning and found myself simultaneously pleased and appalled at some of the comments. I was appalled by how uneducated some people are about the reason for our 4th of July holiday, and pleased that there were some who were able to refute it so eloquently. One person’s comments struck me, with the normal “progressive” claptrap on rich vs. poor. It made me wonder something: Why is it that these people hate prosperity so much? Why is it that these so-called proponents of “the working man” hate it when that man works hard, making something from nothing, and becomes one of the nebulous “rich” after hitting an unknown magic number in their bank account? My guess is that it’s because these prosperous people are not stupid, ignorant slaves. By virtue of their hard work, they smash their shackles and break through the walls holding them back from achieving anything they can imagine. They can’t be suppressed and molded, forced to follow politicians blindly into the abyss. I think the real sentiment behind the complaints against the prosperous is that you can never achieve anything without hard work. You can’t sit at home, smoke pot and masturbate to your Playstation fantasies and ever become anything but another waste of life. This must be what fuels the anger against anyone who works for what they have, who has become independent of the slave-masters.

It is easy to mold the mind of someone who has nothing, to give them a devil to hate…someone to blame for their lot in life. Popular thought holds that if you’re poor, it’s not because you won’t go and find a job or learn a career. It’s because “the man” is holding you down…or your ancestry, or your genetics or anything that doesn’t put the blame squarely on yourself because really looking at yourself can be hard sometimes…the outer appearance can deceive, but that little person inside reveals everything. It can be tough when you find that nobody is really to blame but yourself. So you blame the “rich man” and everything has double meanings in the world. You hate everyone and everything because you can’t find beauty when you hate so much. You can’t be free when you are poisoned by those who would shape, mold and move you.

The essence of freedom is the pursuit of every person’s idea of wealth. You might find it strange that not everyone defines wealth in the same way. My idea of wealth might appear as poverty to another. One man might think that working in a satisfying career, raising a family in a modest home is wealth. Another won’t be satisfied until they achieve their wildest dreams of avarice. The wonderful thing about this country is that both men are correct, and both can achieve it by the sweat of their brow…not by sitting in their parent’s basement dreaming about it and waiting for a government to hand it to them because nothing worth having ever comes easy. It may be a cliche, but that’s only because it’s true. If you choose not to become someone else’s slave, you can achieve anything.

The point I’m trying to make on this Independence Day is that being truly free does come at a price. We haven’t been free for a very long time. Our land is not our own, but belongs to a faraway Federal government who allows you to use it as long as you pay your property taxes. Being truly free means being allowed to fail, but you’re just as free to get up and try again until you succeed. In conclusion, don’t hate on the rich so much. If you work hard, you could become one of them, especially in these days where they are becoming fewer in number and politicians are seeking new devils to put the blame on.


Blunt words for our President 

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Mr. President,

You’ve always seemed to me to be someone who values straight talk, and it seems you’ve had a stark lack of it since taking office. Your advisors seem to work against you and there’s a never-ending virtual ocean of leaks that your enemies in both the Democrat and Republican sides take great glee in seeing plastered everywhere. 

I have a cure for that, if you’ll listen to someone who’s supported you without fail. I’d apologize on advance for the language you’re about to read but I’ve never spoken less than frankly and in coarse terms when circumstances require it. 

Six actions can stem the tide:

1. Delete your Twitter accounts. Sure, they offer a direct pipeline to the people but 80% of the people on Twitter are assholes. Have you not seen the idiotic replies to your tweets from trolls sitting at home, probably paid by Soros/Clinton etal? Cut the line. You only provide oxygen for their fire. 

2. Reorganize your communications team and institute a media blackout. No daily briefing, no interviews. Simply send out a typed and vetted press release every two weeks with a list of the good things you’ve done. Fuck the media. They’ve done nothing but pillory you and twist your words. Your actions will mean more to us, the voters, than whether some idiot who doesn’t like you anyway gets juicy meat to publish daily. 

3. Fire anyone who talks to the media. If they’re leaking, they’re not on the team. Bury them in a morass so deep they can never escape. 

4. Immediately fire every single Obama-era holdover in your administration. This is key. They are part of the swamp and possibly sources of leaks. 

5. Fire anyone who is friends with McConnell, McCain, Graham, etc. These people are not your friends. They can only advise you on the old ways of doing business in the swamp of Washington D.C. You represent the death of the establishment. Act like it. 

6. Your daughter and son-in-law are good people and great business people, but we elected YOU. Their advice hasn’t helped. You know the message. You spoke it clearly on the campaign trail. Competing opinions while dealing with daily national crises is most certainly taxing mentally and physically. Cut out some of the voices for clarity. 

Let me add a bit more since I’m on a roll. 

No matter how hard you try, you will NEVER get the approval of Democrats and RiNO’s. Treat them all as they have treated you but be stronger! We elected you to bully and crush the opposition whoever they are. When they say they won’t vote for full repeal of Obamacare, hold rallies in their home state and tell the crowd how they’re blocking you. It’s called a “bully pulpit” for a reason. When the swamp-monsters laugh and say they’ll never approve a wall, do the same in their states. When the swamp-monsters cackle and roar that you can’t dismantle their favorite alphabet organizations, laugh back and punish them mercilessly in the media and at rallies nationwide…always keeping in mind that you control the message in tersely worded press releases. No interviews, punish leakers mercilessly. 

And one final thing: Put your opponents on the defensive. Ask Attorney General Sessions to file charges against the Clintons for all of their myriad crimes. It will keep the left screaming and busy for the rest of the year while you’re busy doing the business of the people. 

This is my advice. I’m no professional politician or policy wonk. This is just the observations of someone looking in from the outside. I’m only a citizen of this once-great country, who truly wants you to succeed in making it great again. 

I wish you well, Sir,

Michael Griffey II
The Great Shaitan Speaks

No Dissent Allowed: Nothing To See Here, Move Along

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While I don’t agree with LaRouche on many things, I agree with the idea of impeaching Obama…though that would leave us with an even bigger idiot as POTUS. I also agree that everyone in this country enjoys freedom of speech, even when I disagree. ESPECIALLY when I disagree. Our country is currently being run by booted thugs who will not hesitate to smack you down when you dare to oppose Dear Leader in their presence. The time for words is OVER. It’s time to do something about this. Conservatives didn’t assault and arrest the kooks who were openly calling for the assassination of George W. Bush, even though it is technically a federal crime to do so…but when you insult and dare to ask for the legal removal of the most left-wing President since FDR, you WILL shut your mouth, slave. Get back! Avert your eyes and do what Dear Leader tells you to or you will feel the sting of his lash before being thrown into a dark oubliette.

Vigilance Required

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As I spend my days working on the road and mingling with “the salt of the earth”, it still never ceases to amaze me how easily people are herded to the slaughter. Take the recent Republican “Pledge To America”, for instance. Filled with flowery language and seemingly conservative platitudes, you can still find the cancer that has brought our great country to it’s lowest point in a century.

You cannot “reform” Fannie & Freddie. These must be dismantled and the properties immediately sold to private investors who admittedly will have to live with the terms of the original contracts signed by the buyers.

There can’t be a “repeal & replace” solution to Obamacare. It needs to be repealed, plain and simple. There are some great ideas, like striking down the laws that don’t allow competition between insurance companies across state lines but don’t be fooled into thinking that one master’s whip is going to feel better than another’s. I read a quote the other day that said that at this point it doesn’t matter who is in power, Democrats or Republicans. Both want to drive us into the abyss, it just depends on how quickly you want to get there. We need to break out of this paradigm of Red vs. Blue in order to create true change. Everyone needs to stop voting for people who want to control you.

Another point that I have been beating my head against the wall about is the affirmation that somehow the federal government has any business declaring what a marriage is. Isn’t marriage a religious construct? If you even allow that it’s a social contract, why does the federal government need to regulate it? Isn’t that an issue that could be better handled by the states?

Social Security & Medicare should not be held up as sacred cows. There needs to be a plan to phase these programs out while honoring the agreement made between our country and those who have paid into the system. We can help the poor, but why is it the duty of the federal government to manage someone’s retirement plan? It’s the greatest pyramid scheme in history, and by government fiat a wrong is called right. Another important question to ask: why is a federal government more able to help the poor than a local government or charity?

This is really the litmus test that should be applied to ALL proposed bills, is it the job of a federal government or can it be handled better locally? Ahh, but the career politicians can’t have that! They have bills to pay. It’s expensive to live like royalty and jaunt to another country on a whim, for the “greater good” and all that stuff. Who would bribe them to vote one way or another if they were only voting on important things?

The real solution is much more frightening to the American people. This country has been infected by a powerful virus. It’s time to reformat and find a new operating system. This will require REAL changes that will anger the establishment politicians, the “ruling class”, who will stop at nothing to convince you that they are only doing what is best for you. Can you swallow the bitter pill and begin to walk the path to freedom? Or will you just get back on your knees and look up at your Overlords with your doe eyes, hoping they won’t hurt you again?

In Regards To Socialism

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Sorry, I just feel compelled to post this small little aside…does anyone else find it hilarious when you’re arguing with someone and they bring up that “We already have Socialism in our society. If we didn’t, we would have great things like public schools and colleges, Social Security and the POSTAL SERVICE!” It’s old copypasta from DailyKos, but it still seems to worm it’s way into conversations lately, especially when the “S” word is brought up…and sometimes even when it’s NOT brought up. These poor lackeys assume that all conservatives are ready to throw that word out at a moment’s notice, so they wanna preemptively assure that you don’t, in the hopes that you’ll look like a fool if you do. Good tactic, I wish I would have thought of that.

I posted this as a comment on another blog…it’s in moderation and I’m reasonably sure it’ll get approved since I wasn’t a total asshole, but here’s the basics so that you silly libs will automatically know what my stock response will be when you bring up old copypasta about public schools and public transportation.

Public Schools? Yeah, those are working great! We have the smartest kids in the world being generated from the halls of our public schools. Okay, so not really…but the answer is always to throw more money at it. Too bad it’s being stolen by the administrators. Hmmm. Socialism is great!

Public Transportation? Now there’s the greatest thing socialism ever brought us…too bad they’re always a breath away from bankruptcy. Can you say, Amtrak?

Social Security & Medicare. Are you serious? Here’s a system that has stolen a percentage of every working man’s paycheck for all of his career…only to be given a pittance at retirement. It’s structured so that you will NEVER live long enough to get all of that money back. Wanna know why? Oh, so sorry. Mr. Kennedy needed a jewel-encrusted coffin…bought and paid for by you and me. Thanks, Socialism! We love you!

I hope that didn’t come across as too mean.Well…maybe just a little.

The Whores of Washington

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You know you’re getting old when you get upset at the news every time it’s on, but it’s inescapable these days with news at your fingertips and in side-bars while checking your email. It has been awhile since I’ve posted, so I figured that the Healthcare debate was a good enough reason.

I wonder if the fools in Washington realize how transparent they are, though? Democrat Ben Nelson spent a week grandstanding to his conservative constituents that he’s not going to vote for a healthcare proposal that includes abortion. All it took was a wheelbarrow full of money to grease those evil paws and a little re-arranging of the legal-speak to change his mind. The same could be said about Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu who was hedging her bets until she could get her piece of the bribery pie.

All to appease Obama in his political desire to have a healthcare bill…ANY healthcare bill on his desk before Christmas so he can say, “I did it”. It doesn’t matter if it’s as worthless as the paper it’s written on, he just needs to be able to say he did something. It’s a lot like the Copenhagen Debacle. Words…just meaningless words that aren’t legally binding because he has no power to sign treaties without Congress’ approval…which isn’t that hard these days with the idiots we have in power.

It doesn’t really matter though. It doesn’t matter if this idiotic “healthcare” bill passes because Democrats are truly damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Obama has seriously undermined his efforts at re-election in 2012 because members of his own arm-twisters, Organizing For America, are defecting in droves in revolt over how whimsical the current healthcare plan is, feeling “duped” and describing their messiah as “weak” and “duplicitous”. I couldn’t have said it better and there is even palpable fear of the same type of backlash that happened in 1994 and are already picking their whipping boy in Rahm Emmanuel. I can’t describe my glee as I watch the infighting.

The Democratic Congress & Senate are also in serious danger during the mid-term election cycle. If this bill passes, and it’s very likely, conservatives will have been given the best campaign tool ever because the bill in it’s current form does very little but raise taxes and forces every single American to buy insurance. So, next year you can expect a whole boatload of extremely angry Americans to be at the polls, voting these turkeys out. If the bill somehow manages NOT to pass…then it’s still a great campaign tool because it will reinforce how feckless Obama and his Congress & Senate truly is.

It’s sad that it has come to this, though. I stated in a blog last year that if Obama won, it would serve a single purpose: to ensure the demise of Democrats because the younger generation would finally know the suffering and learn the lessons that some of us older ones remember from the days of Jimmy Carter. We didn’t need to learn, we already knew our history. If only this were taught in History Class at the local public school, we might have avoided these horrible times.

Another sticking point for me is these AP news stories that always say, “the measure is designed to spread coverage to tens of millions who lack it” After reading several of these over the last month or so, I always wonder how much of the story is copypasta from Obama’s Press Orifice. In debates with friends (and a few enemies) I always hear the mantra, “People need insurance so they can go to the doctor and get well”, and thus springs the immediate facepalm.

Insurance” is not supposed to be a colloquial term for “Discount Card“, but it has creeped into the lexicon and politicians and fools have all spread the lie that if you have “insurance”, you’re entitled to pay less to your doctor. Okay, it’s a half-lie because as the end user, you only have to make your co-payment…but there is the rub: co-payment. By it’s very definition, it implies that somebody else is covering the rest of the fees. Could it be Santa? Nope. Is Obama or House & Senate Democrats opening up their personal checkbooks to help pay the rest? Not a chance.

So let’s get back to definitions. “Insurance” by it’s very definition is supposed to be like playing a game of chance. The insurance companies are betting that you won’t get sick and need them to pay part of your healthcare. You are betting that someday you might get sick and need them. That’s what “insurance” really is. Hedging your bets just in case, just like in blackjack.

So why does everyone think that by virtue of giving someone “insurance” that they are more likely to survive? It’s yet another lie perpetuated by the slick talkers in Washington. If you have insurance but lack the money to make the copayments, you’re going to be just as sick. At least today hospitals have to treat you. If you go to the right hospital, and can prove you cannot afford the bill, you can even get all of your healthcare for free (well, free to you but paid by the generosity of others) or at least at a very nice discount that would rival “insurance”. That’s the real “insurance” for the poor and needy. If you are really sick all you need to do is get to a hospital because they have to treat you.

I know, I know…but you live in a place like New York City or Seattle or San Francisco. If you aren’t thriving there, why stay? Is it so important to tell all your friends that you’re so cool because you live in a cardboard box in Manhattan and pay $600 a month to live in it? These days, there is no reason to feel compelled to live in squalor in a big city.

But by now I’m talking to myself….

Polly wants a cracka!

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and you thought your diet was a good one!

"If I could only lose another 10 pounds..."

Hell has no fury like a woman scorned…unless it’s the internet that was scorned. Originally posted at photoshopdisasters.blogspot.com this photo was met with a DMCA threat by Ralph Lauren’s foolish attorneys. Fortunately, Canada still has Freedom of Speech, so it’s now posted at www.boingboing.net/2009/10/06/the-criticism-that-r.html.

Copyright Infringment? Welcome to the real world Mr. Lauren. In this country (and several others) we have the “Fair Use” exception to copyright law because we are ALL publicly mocking you and this photo for being so silly.

I guess what sickens me about it is that this is what Ralph Lauren expects the world to embrace as beautiful. A woman so emaciated that someone commented “Dude, her head’s bigger than her pelvis”. Seriously, she looks like a poster child for the “feed the starving models of the world foundation”.

Maybe my wife should hurry up and send her a few helpings of her famous lasagna. That would nourish the poor skeleton real quick!